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EMPOWERYOU – Strengthening children and young people in foster and adoptive families

The »EMPOWERYOU« research project aims to empower children, adolescents and young adults who grow up in foster or adoptive families or in youth welfare institutions. In particular, we would like to support children, adolescents and young adults in coping with previous stressful experiences and not (again) experiencing bullying or violence. For this we need your cooperation.

If you have any questions or want to register, you can contact us at any time under Registration to participate.

The entire project consists of several sub-projects, which mainly take place online. We would be very happy if you took part in one or more sub-projects. You will of course receive remuneration for your participation, which you can do from home.

Further information on the requirements and content of participation as well as the participation reward can be found in the overview.

Online survey using a computer and mobile phone (sub-projects 1 & 2)

Participants in sub-project 1 & 2 have access to an online survey in which parents and children can take part. Children and adolescents aged 10 and over will also be given a study smartphone with their consent. For two weeks, several times a day for a few minutes, questions about everyday life and short playful tasks are asked via the study smartphone. The study smartphone has no other functions.

Development of the online programs (subproject 3)

In subproject 3, we are developing two online interventions together with foster and adoptive families and other experts:

  1. An online program for foster and adoptive parents with children between the ages of 8 and 13 (project management University of Bremen),
  2. and a second online program for adolescents and young adults between the ages of 14 and 21 with a background in out-of-home care (project management Medical School Berlin).

Online program for adoptive and foster parents (subproject 4)

In sub-project 4, we cordially invite foster and adoptive parents to take part in our online program. Together with you, we would like to find out whether the program supports you in dealing with your child’s needs and whether it helps you to protect your child from bullying or violence.

Online program to strengthen adolescents and young adults (subproject 5)

In sub-project 5, we cordially invite young people and young adults to take part in our online program. Together with you we would like to find out whether the program manages to strengthen you and whether it is easier for you to deal with difficult situations in everyday life afterwards.