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Information for paediatricians

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Our offer for specialists in paediatrics

The focus of our “BESTFORCAN” project is the dissemination of a very effective psychotherapy for children and adolescents between 5 and 21 who have been victims of child abuse and neglect. We would like to make this form of treatment accessible to more affected children and adolescents in Germany. In addition to the further training of child and youth psychotherapists, this also includes the establishment of regional help networks between pediatricians, employees of child and youth welfare and psychotherapists. As a pediatrician, you will have the opportunity as part of our project to train yourself under scientific supervision in trauma-related psychological concepts and an established screening process in a CME-certified workshop. It also teaches how you can refer those affected to a suitable psychotherapeutic offer as quickly as possible. For your participation in “BESTFORCAN”, you will receive free advanced training points and an expense allowance for carrying out screenings and referring patients. In the long term, »BESTFORCAN« should enable improved interdisciplinary networking within your region.

All of the knowledge and skills required to participate will be imparted to you in a free training course. This training will take place in the form of a CME-certified workshop, in which the participating child and adolescent psychotherapists and youth welfare institutions in your region are also involved.

Further information can also be found in our flyer for pediatricians.